Pick the Most Excellent  – Native App vs. Hybrid App

What is Native Application?

Native application is nothing but software or a program which was developed to carry out some particular job on a specific setting or platform. For instance, Android app was created to use Java Development Kit on Java platform; iOS for iOS SDK, .NET for Windows and so on.

Advantages of native application

  • Since native code is faster than HTML and JavaScript graphical apps, HD games, rigorous animation apps all perform well as the native app. WebGL standards support web browser for gaming apps to conform to performance and therefore native app has an edge.
  • Native SDKs lets device traits to be accessed without having to deal with the intricacy of native plugins. The traits of the new device are also available straight away together with SDKs.
  • Need not depend much on open source libraries as well as platforms, for instance, Cordova and Ionic.

Snags of native application

  • Each platform needs separate development effort thereby increasing the development time.
  • Each platform code has its own discharge cycle and updates which adds up to development time plus cost.
  • Due to the different code base, the simultaneous release of similar features on all platforms is always challenging.
  • Diverse talent is needed to build as well as preserve the same app on each platform thereby adding to the cost.

What is Hybrid Application?

Hybrid applications are native apps as well since it can be transferred from the platform’s app store similar to the native app. It has access to every one of the native platform characteristics.

Advantages of hybrid application

  • You need to write only a single code for all platforms but can run anywhere.
  • Hybrid App is established on web technologies, so you can run the same app on browsers like any other website or you can run the app as Progressive Web App (PWA).
  • Hybrid apps can attain the same hardware- founded performance speed as a native app.
  • The Hybrid app can also give same and dependable user experience across platform irrespective of user moves between diverse gadgets or even browser.

Snags of hybrid application

  • Hybrid application approach does not go well with 3D, HD games, high graphics- tailored apps as well as other performance -centric apps.
  • Even though Hybrid app is able to access all the features of native gadget features like touchId, media etc. but rely on native plugins.
  • Hybrid app relies on different libraries as well as frameworks like Cordova, Ionic which needs to be in synchronisation with most recent platform edition changes plus releases.

The major distinction between the two are listed below

  • Hybrid apps are made by means of web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS while Native apps are created with particular technology plus language for a precise platform like Swift for iOS, Java for Android etc.
  • Hybrid application can run in webView where as to run a native app plugins are needed to access the native traits of the platform like mic, camera etc.
  • A Hybrid application can be created for any platform from distinct code base whereas a native app cannot be done so.

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