BBMP Garbage Vehicle Monitoring App Development

Garbage Vehicle Monitoring App Development

BBMP Garbage Vehicle Monitoring App Development


No previous digital records of the whole database 

Less skilled/educated people involved in this area of business 

Training the on ground staff about IT related stuffs 

On boarding them on our platform 

Make sure the system is being used regularly 


Building a robust database of staff and vehicles involved 

Dividing the whole city into different zones and under each zone have multiple wards

Building android tablet and phone app for gate marshals of garbase dumping zones

Training the staff about how to use the android app to capture real time data

Automatically sending daily status reports to the management and set of people involved in this area


We built android application for client end which was role based and had 2 way authentication for extra security. Every marshal had the android device which was registered using their mobile number. 

All the garbage collecting vehicle were given a unique QR code generated from our system based on the vehicle details like reg. number , assigned zone and ward also the driver who drives it .

Marshal allows entry to the vehicle only when he checks the validity of vehicle to that particular dumping zone or not.

Unauthorised vehicles were not allowed to enter into the garbage dumping zones using this app 

Vehicle permitted to enter in dumping zones will have the weight loaded entry as well into the system and along with the storing of latt/long information .


With the usage of this system client gets to know how many vehicle actually moving to dumping zones and how many were just standing idle

Control on payouts to the vehicles contractors 

Efficient usage of garbage dumping zones or recycle zones

Efficient usage of vehicles and staff members

No unauthorised entry or exit of vehicles to any dumping zones 

More clean and green city with usage of this simple but effective tool

Over all the management is happy in rolling out this system

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