Sabhya-Gurugram Bhavya-Gurugram

Sabhya Gurugram, Bhavya Gurugram A Road Safety Initiative

<h3><span>Sabhya-Gurugram </span>Bhavya-Gurugram</h3>


Shortest available time 

Reaching to masses in this short time 

Collecting the end users feedback 

Users privacy and reaching to masses for road safety tips in cost efficient manner 

Educating the user as well as getting them engaged with app 

Proposition & Solution

Building mobiles app in android and ios platform 

Running some offline, online and on Air Campaigns about the initiatives

Conducting poll on apps 

End user app and field trainers app development separately 

Presenting the poll results to Commissioner of Traffic police for the resolution and poll results announcement

Algosoft Solutions

We have built application which works on users location and geo-tagging of approximately 30 different lamp post of Cyber city Gurugram, India . Approximately 40 different road safety messages were added in the system which were pushed randomly to users mobile when they reach those 30 different lamp post. The system controls automatically the frequency of messages sent to each user , messages were related to seat belt importance , follow traffic rules etc . 

Apart from this people were given trip planner function where they can decide their shortest path before leaving from source to destination. Users setups departure time and an alert sends to users mobile automatically 15 mins before users mobile which lets user decide the shortest path on google map. We have used google api for this.

A poling was also conducted for the residents of Gurugram/Gurgaon in this app which asked users about 4 critical issues they are facing in Gurgram a final report was presented to the Commissioner of Police Gurugram at the end of event where 20,000+ users data was presented. 

Last was about Road reporter where app users can post complaints about city related to road safety by taking pics and added comments , automatically users latt/long was also recorded for the easy location finding post the users complaints. 

Over all the event was a grand success . 

Android App can be downloaded here Sabhya Gurugram .


Our sales team had multiple meetings with client about the idea they have 

We built a project plan report and presented to client for review and approval 

A mockup was presented to client and approval 

Built and delivered first android app and later ios app 

Did multiple marketing campaigns for the user awareness about the app and initiatives our client has 

A poll was conducted from this app and the result was presented to client and the commissioner of Traffic Police from Gurugram.

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