Dealer Distributor Order Management

Dealer Distributor Order Management

My Dealer App is an enterprise application to manage your day to orders from Dealers and Distributors

My Dealer App from "Algosoft"  reach you to your direct consumers. 

It has been found that your ERP doesn't let you reach beyond the Dealers or Distributors as the customization beyond this is a tedious job and data of which was never thought will be of any use.

It lets you know the real times' sales, understand your customer well by reaching them directly, save advertisement cost, motivate your sales team and retailers with best offers and schemes. Improved sales and business revenue.


  • User Login
  • User Registeration 
  • Create your sales order 
  • Add customer data 
  • View promotional schemes 
  • View your points earned 
  • Redeem your points 
  • Manage your sales staff 
  • Manage inventory 
  • View your sales orders 
  • Create new sales orders 
  • Contact support team
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